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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tips about how to take care baby

Who would have thought that a small little creature the size of a package could have the ability to cause so much distress in an adult human at least ten times its weight? Looking after a baby can be overwhelming.

As such, i’ve put together some simple everyday tips to help you remain sane to help you cope:

Use Toys During Changing Time:

It’s common for babies from 4 months to be extremely fidgety during nappy changes. Try distracting them by putting a mobile over the changing mat or get your partner to hang a bright-coloured object over the changing mat so that the baby can coo coo over it and give you the precious seconds you need to complete the nappy-changing exercise!

Provide stimulation:

Providing visual and auditory stimulation will help increase cognitive development in your babies. For example, choose colourful and noisy toys for young babies and encourage them to fiddle with it. Or, if you don’t have a ready-made mobile, make one of your own by using brightly-coloured objects. Suspend them from a frame made out of clothes hangers and of course, in this case, keep them out of baby’s reach.

Babies Love Massages:

Babies can be soothed with gentle touches. Lie your baby on a soft surface in a quiet room, preferably with soothing music playing in the background. Using a little baby oil, move your palms slowly and softly along his arms, legs and back.

Say No To Flowers:

For a newborn baby, it is just being to get used to breathing in air. Don’t make it more difficult for him by having the air in the house heavy with pollen, which is a well-known allergen. If you like your house looking cheery, make do with artificial plants for now.

Open a Bank Account For Your Baby:

It’s a good idea to do so because you can deposit monetary gifts from family and friends there and it’ll help you stay organized. Also, you will be setting an excellent example for your child in future on the importance of saving.

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